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"This could be your season 4 change"

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Linda Warren
Certified Five O'Clock Club Career Coach


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We help you keep your employees motivated while your workplace is constantly changing.

Organizations used to experience predictable seasons and periods of change. However, in today's work environment the weather pattern is often stormy, turbulent, and unpredictable. Rapid and significant changes are occurring in both the public and private sectors, such as mergers, restructuring, and downsizing. Often, employee productivity and morale is affected during these times.

We give your staff tools and practical strategies for adapting to change and successfully navigating transition. This is good for business, and keeps the momentum heading in a positive direction.

We consult with you and your staff to identify your organization's needs for
improving employee performance. We customize solutions and programs to
achieve the following objectives:

  • Strengthen communication between departments and across the
  • Create a climate of exceptional customer service
  • Solve and manage customer complaints and keep service levels high
  • Learn effective techniques for managing change and stress
  • Identify personal preferences and leadership styles for managing and
    coaching staff
  • Help employees take charge of their career and professional development