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Linda Warren
Certified Five O'Clock Club Career Coach


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Career Assessments

Career Assessments are subjective tools that can be used as a guide for evaluating various career and work possibilities.

  • The Myers-Briggs: This is a popular assessment, which provides a comprehensive profile of your strengths, personality profile, and preferences for how you tend to operate. You will also learn some of the professions that might be a fit for your type.

  • Skill Scan: A card sort that helps you to examine what skills you enjoy using and which skills you would like to use in your next job or career. You will also learn where your skills fit in the world of work and what are some of the career possibilities and occupations to explore and research further.

  • Values: Often it is our values which drive us. Many job seekers want to find a career or job that makes a difference. I will take you through various exercises to help you explore whatís most important to you and what work environments and careers could fit with your core drivers.

  • Campbell, Strong, and Hollandís Self-Directed Search: These assessments are for those individuals who are not clear about what they want to do next. They help you to assess your skills and interests and what occupations might correlate.